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"Mr. Hamilton" is part of a display at the former Lancaster County Historical Museum. When you entered the museum, Mr. Hamilton welcomed you and told you a brief narrative on the history of Lancaster City. He was a 12 motion, pneumatic. life size figure including moving eyes, mouth, neck and arms, etc. Digital control synchronizes audio, motion and lighting effects making Mr. Hamilton appear to be real.



The Dinosaur Experience at

Recently we repaired and rebuilt the interior structure, mechanics and electronics of Prevo the Dinosaur. First we had to remove the skin from the stainless steel framing.


The purpose of removing the skin was to expose the framing in order to install some new mechanical features as well as rebuild some of the framing members that were in need of repair.


The operator of this costume works in a very confined area. Therefore, we installed fans, a video screen that was connected to a camera in the nose, hand devices that operate the mouth, moving eyes and neck/head. We also installed a robust sound system with a recorded dinosaur roar with a speaker mounted in the jaw. The sound was activated by a push button at the hand controls. All the electronics were powered by a rechargeable battery system.


The photo on the right (above) shows inside the head where the structure of the mouth and eye mechanisms operate.

    The woman operator was fitted with an aluminum backpacking frame that was attached to the frame of the dinosaur. Shoulder straps were installed to help with weight distribution. Once all of these mechanical features we completed and test fitted, we replaced the skin and did a test run and Prevo the Dinosaur was ready to meet the people!



ACI DESIGN in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

We were commissioned to animate five life-sized turkey buzzards and five bobcats as an advertisement for a film company in Los Angeles.

The process involved cutting the fiberglass body to install a neck pivot driven by an accessible motorized mechanism inside the body.


The fiberglass bodies were then sent back to ACI Designs for finishing which involved a painted rubber, silicone skin. Each animal was separately mounted on a fiberglass rock atop a bus stop shelter on Santa Monica Blvd. in California.