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Rigging, Trussing, and Staging

We built and installed a 60 foot aluminum box truss for Word of Life in Hudson, Florida which was made up of three bolt-together sections. This 3 foot-wide x 2 foot-deep truss is supported with four chain hoists controlled from a single pendant. Custom designed for Word of Life's Performing Arts Center near Hudson, Fla., it supports three interchangeable 20 x 60 Austrian drops each with their own remote-controlled motor, drum and cable system.


The truss is also equipped with a walkable deck, handrail, curtain support pipes, and mounts for lighting, snow and fog machines. The Austrian system was chosen for several reasons; lack of fly space, lack of wing space for travelers, limited time between scene changes, and a desire for a smoother-looking drop (accomplished with a continuous steel pipe in a bottom hemmed pocket).


ACI Composites - Lancaster, PA

   Designed and built panel rotator forklift attachment for large 16' x 18' FRP bridge facade panels (for I-4 in Tampa, Florida) allowing them to be turned upside down for finishing processes.


Sight & Sound Theatres - Strasburg, PA

Fabricated curved aluminum truss


Auntie Annies - Lancaster, PA



Above are some close-ups of the rigging mechanisms and decking in the convention stage we built for Auntie Anne's in Lancaster, PA.  We installed the entire project.



These photos are examples of rigging drive mechanisms designed made for flying the helicopters displayed on the Special Effects page.



We made this steel truss below for a large theater who plans to use it for flying large sets overhead.  The assembled truss is approx. 110 feet. long and can support 3,000 lbs at mid-span.


Custom Truss Stands