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Professional Services

We are building this page to include a list of professional consultants that work with us to fulfill the needs of our customers. Check back with us in the near future for a comprehensive list.

Steve Pidcock - Art Carpentry

Bill Endslow - Welding & Carpentry

Jay Dombach - Special Effects Designer

Jay has been working for Scenatec doing creative projects since the beginning of the company in 1998. Jay worked for years in foam rock carving and large scale scenic construction as well as scale modeling and design. In the last decade, Jay moved into special effects. He is also an accomplished fine artist.


Haj Dunlap - Electrical Engineering




Tom Denlinger - Scale Modeling, Creative Artistry and Marketing

Tom has been working for Scenatec doing creative projects since the fall of 2000. Tom's main trade is in hand lettering and sign art, truck lettering and vehicle graphics. Tom also has a lot of experience in carving rocks with electric chain saw, knives and various sanding techniques. Tom worked for Sight & Sound Theatres for 7 years gaining much experience in theatrical set design and construction. Tom is also a photographer and our web designer.