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We can make your sets!

Click on the thumbnails below to see the full picture.

Passion Play made of carved foam.


Here are some shots of the install of "Over the river and Through the Woods" at Gretna Theatre


Here are some shots of sets we built for American Music Theater.




More creative sets for other companies ...



David Dorman designed and built many sets for Sight & Sound Theatres as well (all photos below).

Engineered, built and installed 'transforming' finale ark set piece 40'h x 40' w x 15'd with 7 mechanical interfaced functions


Engineered and fabricated framing system for 300' x 40' 'wrap-around' ark interior set for Sight & Sound production of "Noah".

Designed prototype mechanics of robotic elephants' trunk in Noah show.


Front and rear view of the center stage Finale Cross for the Miracle of Christmas show

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