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The photos above show the internal frame 60' Titanic boat we built for LaComedia Dinner Theater in Springboro, Ohio. The boat pivots on one end while the opposite end is lowered six feet to create a sinking motion when lowered. The trussing is designed to hold the entire cast of 25 people.


We built two helicopters for Sight & Sound Theatres for their production of "Daniel".


The helicopter was built with an aluminum interior frame with moving prop blades. They shoot pyro from their guns on the wings. The blue foam is carved and sanded. A hard coat is sprayed on the foam and then painted.




We designed and fabricated these heavy duty jacking dollies to move large timber framed cages around in the shop and to stage large set pieces outside for loading onto flatbed trailers.



Below is a designed and fabricated custom hinge for the finale set piece for Sight & Sound Theatres. Operating the hinge allows the section to move away from the irregular seam.

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We can also offer consultation on Animation, Pneumatics/Hydraulics, Remote Control, Smoke & Fog, and Pyrotechnics.

Ask about water related themed projects for your show.

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